Adviser suggests Biden still wears mask outside out of habit

He’s not alone. Although there is the science and statistics to prove the effectiveness of masking, the thing that has convinced most people is the fact of not being sick as often. Aside of preventing the spread of Covid 19, masking has also kept many from getting seasonal colds and flu, suffering as much from allergies, or just breathing in as much pollution. Even some runners and bike riders, infamous for not masking, have startedContinue…

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Two face masks no better than one at blocking viral spread, Japanese supercomputer shows

Researchers used the Fugaku supercomputer to model the flow of virus particles from people wearing different types and combinations of masks, according to the study released by research giant Riken and Kobe University on Thursday.A single surgical-type mask, made of non-woven material, had 85 per cent effectiveness in blocking particles when worn tightly around the nose and face.But adding a polyurethane mask on top increased the effectiveness to just 89 per cent.

Source: Two face masks no better than one at blocking viral spread, Japanese supercomputer shows

Guinea declares new Ebola outbreak

Guinea declared a new Ebola outbreak on Sunday, as tests came back positive for the virus after at least three people died and four fell ill in the southeast – the first resurgence of the disease there since the world’s worst outbreak in 2013-2016. The seven patients fell ill with diarrhoea, vomiting and bleeding after attending a burial in Goueke sub-prefecture. Those still alive have been isolated in treatment centres, the health ministry said. It was not clear if the person buried on February 1 had also died of Ebola. She was a nurse at a local health centre who died from an unspecified illness after being transferred for treatment to Nzerekore, a city near the border with Liberia and Ivory Coast. “Faced with this situation and in accordance with international health regulations, the Guinean government declares an Ebola epidemic,” the ministry said in a statement. The 2013-2016 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa started in Nzerekore, whose proximity to busy borders hampered efforts to contain the virus. It went on to kill at least 11,300 people with the vast majority of cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Fighting Ebola again will place additional strain on health services in Guinea as they battle the coronavirus. Guinea, a country of around 12 million, has so far recorded 14,895 coronavirus infections and 84 deaths. The Ebola virus causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea and is spread through contact with body fluids. It has a much higher death rate than Covid-19, but unlike coronavirus it is not transmitted by asymptomatic carriers. The ministry said health workers are working to trace and isolate the contacts of the Ebola cases and will open a treatment centre in Goueke, which is less than an hour’s drive from Nzerekore.

Source: Guinea declares new Ebola outbreak

The latest antivax false claim: mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 are not vaccines but “medical devices” or “gene therapy” | Science-Based Medicine

There’s a new antivaccine talking point in town, and it’s just as much disinformation as other antivaccine talking points. It’s the claim that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are not really vaccines but “medical devices,” “gene therapy,” or “experimental biologics” and that they were falsely classified as vaccines in order to bypass safety testing. Here, we discuss why this claim is utter nonsense based…

Source: The latest antivax false claim: mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 are not vaccines but “medical devices” or “gene therapy” | Science-Based Medicine


Rest in Power, Caress

On January 25, 2021, Covid-19 took my cousin Caress. She was only 34 years old. I didn’t get to see her much since for the past 22 years, I’ve been in Israel, but I still remember her as a kind hearted little girl. She grew up to be a kind hearted woman despite enduring a lot of adversity. Whatever life and cruel people threw at her just made her more compassionate and forgiving towards othersContinue…

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Moringa, an Isothiocyanate-rich Seed Could Prevent or Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes After Covid Vaccination

If you are diabetic and noticing your blood sugar has been spiking more often during these stressful times, or will be getting vaccinated soon, try to find some mature moringa seeds. The mature seeds work better for reducing blood sugar than the younger ones or other parts of the plant in an emergency situation (250+). I take these myself, and know others who do successfully. They work whether you are taking Metformin or Insulin. TakeContinue…

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Requiring Masks Early In the Covid-19 Pandemic Would Have Prevented Many Deaths – ScienceDirect

Our main counterfactual experiments suggest that nationally mandating face masks for employees early in the pandemic could have reduced the weekly growth rate of cases and deaths by more than 10 percentage points in late April and could have led to as much as 19 to 47 percent less deaths nationally by the end of May, which roughly translates into 19 to 47 thousand saved lives. We also find that, without stay-at-home orders, cases would have been larger by 6 to 63 percent and without business closures, cases would have been larger by 17 to 78 percent.

Source: Causal impact of masks, policies, behavior on early covid-19 pandemic in the U.S. – ScienceDirect

The Most Popular Mask May Also Be the Least Effective, Study Finds

The 3 layer mask including a layer of surgical mask fabric and masks modified with breathable panty shield were sadly not included in the study, but it’s worth a read.

With thousands of brands, styles, materials, and modifications to select from, it’s hard to know which particular masks do the best job of preventing droplets from spreading. That’s exactly why a group of researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill decided to put a range of masks to the test. For a study published by the journal JAMA Internal Medicine in December, they set out to find the most and least effective masks, and found that one of the most popular and prevalent styles is ranked at the bottom of the list for efficacy. Read on to find out how your mask ranks…

Source: The Most Popular Mask May Also Be the Least Effective, Study Finds