I Asked Google Episode 1: Mold

We discuss some serious topics here, but part of pandemic wellness includes having a sense of humor. So I’ve decided to post some of the funny things I come across on the internet, especially in the course of looking up information for this site.

In this case, since lockdowns and self isolation give many of us the time and inspiration to take on self care and home improvement projects, I looked up some information about mold. Where I live, Haifa Israel, is a very hot and humid place most of the year. Fighting mold is a constant battle. I just wanted to know what room temperature was best against mold.

TMI Toothpaste Balls

Too much information, Google. I mean, I’m glad to know that this is the new Tide pods of sex, and another reason to be careful. This was just not the moment I’d hoped to find this out. Hopefully at some point they will get better about keeping the added questions relevant to the search query, but until then we will enjoy lots of laughs.

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