PPE and Pandemic Aware Fashion Guide for Merchants and Crafters

DIY Home Salon Supplies.

One of the main complaints of people in the west during lockdowns is that they can’t get their hair cut or nails done. This might seem petty on the surface, and for some specific people it is, but at the same time it is indicative of how out of touch some governments are with the people. The people doing hair and nails and other beauty treatments may run the range of socioeconomic classes, but for the most part they are service professionals like craftspeople. They are artists, but their skills are for the practical good. Often, they are looked down upon and taken for granted by many of the sort of wealthy who get into politics.

In most cosmetology schools around the world, a level of hygiene is taught that would make upgrading it for pandemics easy. Masks, face shields, and proper ventilation would easily solve most issues. There are, as yet, no known cases of a beauty professional who was wearing proper PPE transmitting Covid-19 to anyone. The spoiled anti maskers glomming themselves onto this issue has made keeping salons open more difficult, but as time passes, the politicians themselves are getting in trouble over their hypocrisy when it comes to aesthetic care.

What remains a serious problem though, is that many people are very particular about who they want clipping their cuticles or cutting their hair. They will often keep the same beauty professionals even when they move towns or keep those who are out of town once they are bonded. I for instance, go to a salon in Tiberias for my nails, feet, and brows. So when there is a lockdown or people are advised not to travel far on the bus, I am stuck. Tiberias is an hour bus ride away.

While there are issues with getting to a barber or salon consistently, people need help maintaining. It was a big deal when the Polygel nails came out, but most people don’t know that there is a whole world of self care gadgets and gear. A lot of it can be custom made for various styles. Beard combs with guides and trimming guides are very useful. Bangs cutting stencils are as well. While it’s difficult to get the brows done professionally, brow guides are increasingly popular too because they can take a half hour off of the makeup routine.

On makeup, stock things that don’t get rubbed off easily from masks. If you make cosmetics, have a recipe for after mask therapy and recovery gels and creams for those who get chafed. It should contain aloe vera, okra, oat flour, and/or mung bean. Snail secretion filtrate is also excellent, but not everybody is into it.

If you are a nail artist, you can pre ornament fake nails so people can have fancier press ons. I’d advise selling these both in sets and individually.

Getting back to the comfortable clothes thing, snoods, bonnets and wraps will also be gaining in popularity. Not having as much access to stylists means people will be thinking more about really taking care of their hair. Not going out as much except to sit out and get some sunlight means folks won’t want to necessarily take off their rollers or protective braids just to go for a stroll. So if you sew, try offering some stylish head coverings.

Mask Accessories For Real Life.

With winter coming soon, neck gaiters are going to be a thing. Gaiters with filter pockets are already being mass produced, but they are usually too small and tight for most adults. So making some that fit well and match with people’s work clothes will make you some money.

Ear savers have proven to be very helpful, as have those clippy chains and lanyards. Combine both, and you will make people very happy. A problem with the ear savers is that they are an additional item one needs to fiddle with, and they often get lost on the street or in the bottom of one’s purse. So adding a small length of string or chain with an additional clip for the ear saver or attaching an ear saver is a handy adjustment to the chain.

Hard cases that are about the size of a clutch and capacity of a makeup bag are gaining in popularity. If you already make little zipper bags, put some ribbing in them to keep them from getting smooshed in people’s backpacks. People need what to carry their masks and alcohol gel in that will survive the rigors of a school or work day.

Personalized Everything.

With kids returning to school and other situations that bring some concern about sharing items, people are really getting into personalized things. If you make tags, bookmarks, embroider, engrave, or do any sort of wearable art, you will get a lot of business if you remind people you will put their name on stuff.

Tea Time.

With greater health awareness and desire to stay well or get well, teas gain popularity and so do tea things. This is a time for a metal worker or potter to shine. Trending now are small teapots that make just enough tea for one or two servings, and make it easy. As far as tea cups though, people seem to be into larger ones lately. I used to be unusual for my love of the large tea bowls the Japanese use for tea ceremony or chawan. Lately though, these are flying off the shelves and I have to bid harder to get a bowl I like. People are drinking more tea in a sitting, and enjoy drinking it from beautiful cups.

Tea isn’t the only brew gaining popularity these days. Potpourri is the new incense. Since smoke is said to put people at higher risk, people are opting for steam. The electric oil diffusers  are a hit, but many people prefer the warm glow of an old fashioned potpourri pot or trivet and mini-cauldron.

In summary, things are moving towards the comfortable, wholesome, and practical. The latest pandemic has changed the way people think and the way they shop. So get ahead of the game and make that money!

Blessings of good health and Ashé!

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