Adviser suggests Biden still wears mask outside out of habit

He’s not alone. Although there is the science and statistics to prove the effectiveness of masking, the thing that has convinced most people is the fact of not being sick as often. Aside of preventing the spread of Covid 19, masking has also kept many from getting seasonal colds and flu, suffering as much from allergies, or just breathing in as much pollution. Even some runners and bike riders, infamous for not masking, have started wearing special athletic masks. Some of the latter may be less effective, but apparently even that little bit has had some positive enough results for some individuals to keep masking.

Masking is not a new thing that just started during Covid times. It has been a thing in many major Asian cities for many years. Masking and distancing, especially when you are or have a high chance of being ill with something contagious, is just part of being a considerate person.

One of President Joe Biden’s top White House advisers suggested Sunday that he’s still wearing a mask outdoors out of habit although the latest public health guidance says he doesn’t need it. Questioned about Biden’s practice, senior adviser Anita Dunn told CNN’s “State of the Union” that she realized that she was also still wearing her mask outdoors even after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said fully vaccinated people like her and Biden can stop wearing masks outside when they’re alone or not among strangers. “I myself found that I was still wearing my mask outdoors this week, because it has become such a matter of habit,” Dunn said.

Source: Adviser suggests Biden still wears mask outside out of habit

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