Moringa, an Isothiocyanate-rich Seed Could Prevent or Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes After Covid Vaccination

If you are diabetic and noticing your blood sugar has been spiking more often during these stressful times, or will be getting vaccinated soon, try to find some mature moringa seeds. The mature seeds work better for reducing blood sugar than the younger ones or other parts of the plant in an emergency situation (250+).

I take these myself, and know others who do successfully. They work whether you are taking Metformin or Insulin. Take your medications regularly, but also the moringa seeds with your morning snack or breakfast. For maintenance it’s best to take 2 seeds a day if you are mildly or pre diabetic, and 3-4 per day if you recently got an HBA1C reading of 8 or more, then go down to 2 per day for maintenance after your blood sugar stabilizes.

Before the Covid-19 vaccination, it is recommended that you stop taking moringa 2 days before, and continue the next morning with a high protein meal. I haven’t found any peer reviewed sources for this, but people I know who are diabetic spiked one or two mornings after the vaccination. I did as well. I got a reading of 336 the second day after, took 4 moringa seeds and did a little aerobics and got down to 100 within 2 hours.

In times you are taking more than 2 seeds per day, you should eat a normal amount of carbs as opposed to low carb or keto.

Moringa Study: Moringa Isothiocyanate-rich Seed Extract Delays the Onset of Diabetes in UC Davis Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Rats | Scientific Reports

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