“I Think I’m Going to Die”: Guy With Monkeypox Shares His Terrifying Symptoms With The World

TW: Skin lesions

An individual from London who was diagnosed with monkeypox and sent to a hospital for many days has described his terrifying symptoms, which led him to believe he was going to pass away.A charity worker named Harun Tulunay, whom is 35 years old, was cooped up in a hospital room all by himself in fear for his life.According to the local resident of Shoreditch, the first fever symptoms, which he felt were caused by Covid-19, encouraged him to get tested. The Covid-19 test came out negative, and his temperature continued to rise, reaching a peak of 39.7 degrees Celsius which is 103.4 degrees Fahrenheit.But Harun Tulunay, a charity worker in the United Kingdom who is 35 years old, was hospitalized for eleven days with what the doctors informed him was one of the most serious instances of monkeypox they had ever treated, Insider reports.People who are pregnant, children under the age of eight, those who suffer from eczema, and those who have compromised immune systems are more likely to get severe monkeypox.Tulunay has HIV, an illness that may cause harm to cells in the immune system; nonetheless, he said that blood testing revealed he had a strong immune system at the time of his monkeypox infection.An infectious disease expert practicing in New York named Dr. Jason Zucker, who was not involved in Tulunay’s case, said in an interview with The New York Times that “for a percentage of people it is much more worse than I would have anticipated,” but that it is unknown why this is the case.Since the beginning in May, of what the WHO is now calling an epidemic, has spread to at least 50 different nations, Tulunay is one of 2,137 people in the UK who have been confirmed to have monkeypox.

Source: “I Think I’m Going to Die”: Guy With Monkeypox Shares His Terrifying Symptoms With The World

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