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Even a donation as little as $10 can make the difference between paying our hosting bills (totaling $67 per month for all sites in the network) and everything disappearing. Our overall expenses are higher, but that covers the hosting by itself. Naturally, if you are a donor, we will mention and link to you wherever it is appropriate, and add you to the sponsors page.

You can also support us by writing for the site. I welcome authors. Just register, send me a link or a text file of something you’ve written, and request to be an author. I can’t afford to pay you yet, but you are certainly welcome to post your payment and sponsorship links. I’ll even make you a snippet that will show up with all of your posts if you like.

If you need a website, you can also hire me to build yours. You can see examples of sites I have built at,,,,, and Arden’s Web.

My rates are $150/hour of work, but I have a flat rate for building a WordPress site using the Classic Editor. I can build a functioning WordPress powered site and generate traffic to it organically within a day/8 hours. Just direct me to your social media profiles, and I will curate content from them for your website.

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