Matthew Cortland Hosts Twitter Space: Is it safe to ____?

Disability activist and inspiration for this site and the term adaptive PPE, Matthew Cortland is hosting a Twitter space to help people learn how to manage air quality in indoor spaces and generally protect themselves as the pandemic continues.

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If I get COVID on vacation, what should I do and when can I go home? : Goats and Soda : NPR

So you’ve joined the millions of travelers who are taking off this summer, headed for vacations, weddings, family reunions, conferences. And you flew to your destination.You arrive, you’re having a great time. Then you feel a little off. Your throat is scratchy. Maybe you start coughing. Or your head feels as if it is about to float off your body like a rogue balloon.Sigh. Time for a COVID test. The bad news: You’re positive!What doContinue…

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When medical bills lead to debt, financial hardship piles on top of sickness : Shots – Health News : NPR

The three are among more than 100 million people in America ― including 41% of adults ― beset by a health care system that is systematically pushing patients into debt on a mass scale, an investigation by KHN and NPR shows.The investigation reveals a problem that, despite new attention from the White House and Congress, is far more pervasive than previously reported. That is because much of the debt that patients accrue is hidden asContinue…

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Local health officials report first probable monkeypox case in Riverside County

Riverside County public health officials reported Wednesday the first probable case of monkeypox in the county.An eastern Riverside County man, who is under the age of 60, was seen in an outpatient setting and did not require hospitalization. Tests conducted on tissue samples from the man showed a preliminary positive for an orthopoxvirus, and additional testing will be conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laboratory to confirm whether it is monkeypox, according toContinue…

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This May Be the COVID Variant Scientists Are Dreading

There are also some suggestions that the new subvariants have evolved to target the lungs—unlike Omicron, which usually resulted in a less dangerous infection of the upper respiratory tract.But there’s good news amid the bad. While cases are going up in the U.K., hospitalizations and deaths are increasing more slowly or even declining so far. “This could mean higher transmissible variants, BA.4 or 5, are in play, [and] these variants are much less severe,” EdwinContinue…

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Pluralistic: 07 Jun 2022 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

Cults and cons have a lot in common, of course. Take “health care sharing ministries.” These are fake health insurance programs run by evangelical cults, like Jericho Share (formerly “House of Prayer and Life Inc”), which is advertised heavily to people searching for health insurance, even though it is definitely not health insurance.Writing for Kaiser Health News, Bram Sable-Smith describes how these “faith-based” fake health insurance programs nominally function as mutual-aid agreements in which allContinue…

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Smokers who switch to vaping may take up healthier routines, new UW study shows | The Seattle Times – With Commentary by K. Sis. Lasher

Woman Vaping

Rick Kosterman, a UW researcher, would never say that vaping is good.But a new University of Washington study shows smokers who switch to e-cigarettes may have more opportunities for healthier choices. That doesn’t mean vaping is healthful, researchers said, but for people who already smoke (and aren’t able to quit) it can be associated with healthy routines. Source: Smokers who switch to vaping may take up healthier routines, new UW study shows | The SeattleContinue…

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Pandemic politics: People in Republican counties were more likely to die from COVID-19, new analysis shows

“Voting behaviors at the county level are likely to represent the compliance or lack of compliance with mask mandates, vaccine uptake and use of other protective policies to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic,” said senior author Dylan Roby, associate professor of health, society and behavior in the UC Irvine Program in Public Health. Source: Pandemic politics: People in Republican counties were more likely to die from COVID-19, new analysis shows

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