Why You will be Forced to Always Wear Masks in Japan – YouTube

Why You will be Forced to Always Wear Masks in Japan

This year is again a very hot summer in Japan! But if you walk on the streets of Japan, you will see something very surprising. Almost everyone has masks on. It is hot here in Israel too, and I find that on really hot days, wearing a mask with an absorbent liner is more comfortable. The air has dust and the mask absorbs sweat and helps against the dust and sand in the air. SometimesContinue…

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The Most Prevalent Illness You’ve Never Heard Of! Severe ME/CFS – YouTube

People living with severe ME/CFS are often bed-bound and unable to perform everyday tasks without assistance — eating, showering, and even standing are made nearly impossible. Each year on August 8, Severe M.E. Day, we reflect on the tremendous toll this devastating disease takes on individuals suffering from severe ME/CFS symptoms and remember the lives of those we have lost. This is also an opportunity to spread awareness and advocate for research, support, and treatmentContinue…

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One Ladybug’s Surprise Appearance During A 59-Year-Old Man’s Colonoscopy | IFLScience

When venturing into the human colon, there are a few things gastroenterologists might expect to see. A tumor, scarring, ulcers, and a little bit of poop are all commonplace, but sometimes investigations into the bowel reveal more surprising inhabitants. A clinical team, who published their findings in the ACG Case Reports Journal in 2019, could certainly attest to this, as they stumbled upon a ladybug inside the colon of a patient.

Source: One Ladybug’s Surprise Appearance During A 59-Year-Old Man’s Colonoscopy | IFLScience

Some lab techs refuse to take blood from possible monkeypox patients, raising concerns about stigma and testing delays – CNN

(CNN)Many technicians at Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics, two of the largest commercial labs in the US, have been refusing to draw blood from patients who might have monkeypox, CNN has learned.Labcorp and Quest don’t dispute that in many cases, their phlebotomists are not taking blood from possible monkeypox patients. What remains unclear, after company statements and follow-ups from CNN, is whether the phlebotomists are refusing on their own to take blood or if it isContinue…

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White patients’ physical responses to healthcare treatments are influenced by provider race and gender | PNAS

The healthcare workforce in the United States is becoming increasingly diverse, gradually shifting society away from the historical overrepresentation of White men among physicians. However, given the long-standing underrepresentation of people of color and women in the medical field, patients may still associate the concept of doctors with White men and may be physiologically less responsive to treatment administered by providers from other backgrounds. To investigate this, we varied the race and gender of theContinue…

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Homophobic misinformation is making it harder to contain the spread of monkeypox | MIT Technology Review

There have been 2,093 confirmed cases of the virus reported worldwide as of June 17. So far cases have mainly been identified among men who have sex with men, according to the World Health Organization. Its director in Europe, which is the epicenter of the current outbreak, sounded the alarm this week, warning that the authorities need to do more to contain the disease.That job is being made harder by false, often homophobic theories thatContinue…

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“I Think I’m Going to Die”: Guy With Monkeypox Shares His Terrifying Symptoms With The World

TW: Skin lesions An individual from London who was diagnosed with monkeypox and sent to a hospital for many days has described his terrifying symptoms, which led him to believe he was going to pass away.A charity worker named Harun Tulunay, whom is 35 years old, was cooped up in a hospital room all by himself in fear for his life.According to the local resident of Shoreditch, the first fever symptoms, which he felt wereContinue…

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Hospital-acquired pneumonia is killing patients. There’s a simple way to stop it.

Brushing Teeth Saves Lives

Four years ago, when Karen Giuliano went to a Boston hospital for hip replacement surgery, she was given a pale-pink bucket of toiletries issued to patients in many hospitals. Inside were tissues, bar soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and, without a doubt, the worst toothbrush she’d ever seen.“I couldn’t believe it. I got a toothbrush with no bristles,” she said. “It must have not gone through the bristle machine. It was just a stick.”To most patients, aContinue…

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