What to Wear Instead of a Face Mask Bracket

Nicole in Black Sequin Mask by Lisa Aigbe

Face mask brackets may reduce your cloth mask’s effectiveness. Here’s what AltPPE.net recommends instead.

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How to Stop Your Glasses From Fogging While Wearing a Mask With an Easy Sewing Adjustment

Anti fogging flap

There have been many “hacks” and tricks for preventing glasses from fogging, but the only way I’ve found that really works is sewing or taping in a flap. Here are the sewing instructions. If you want to do this for a disposable mask, just use some tape and a sturdy paper towel to do the same thing. To do this project, you will need about 6-7 cm. anodized aluminum wire of about 2 mm. thickness.Continue…

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Reusable Silicone Face Mask with 30 Filters Face Mask Face | Etsy

REUSABLE SILICONE MASK Anti : DUST ; BACTERIA ; VIRUS ; SMOG ; PM2.5 Can be sterilized by boiling water Food Grade FDA standard silicone material with High Temperature Resistance -40C to +230C flexible Material closely fit to different size of face.

Source: Reusable Silicone Face Mask with 30 Filters Face Mask Face | Etsy

Can’t Mask? You Can Still Protect Yourself and Others.

Scarf and Attitude

  Many people can’t mask for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the rules and policies in many places don’t take people with special needs into account. Most of the time though, you can solve problems if the gate keepers know that you are considerate. Face shields are well known alternatives, but here are some others. Pins and Signs One way that some people show that they are aware and safety conscious is by wearing pinsContinue…

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Video: How to make a mask with a clear window that allows you to see a smile!

Instructions for how to make a lip reading mask in video and text. There is a downloadable pattern and further instructions in the description.

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