100 years and counting of mask wearing in Japan | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Gradually, the practice of mask-wearing became less dependent on a specific pandemic threat and premised more on an individual duty to protect one’s family, community and country, which demanded sustained engagement. It was not surprising then that public campaigns also built upon themes that integrated family and work life. On the one hand, mask-wearing came to symbolise the love and care in people’s relations with their family members. Source: 100 years and counting of maskContinue…

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Why You will be Forced to Always Wear Masks in Japan – YouTube

Why You will be Forced to Always Wear Masks in Japan

This year is again a very hot summer in Japan! But if you walk on the streets of Japan, you will see something very surprising. Almost everyone has masks on. It is hot here in Israel too, and I find that on really hot days, wearing a mask with an absorbent liner is more comfortable. The air has dust and the mask absorbs sweat and helps against the dust and sand in the air. SometimesContinue…

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