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If you are concerned about the risk of COVID, RSV, the flu, and poor indoor air quality at work, school, or home (especially if people are infected and want to reduce the risk of spread to other household members) but cannot afford to buy expensive HEPA air purifiers, fret not–you can build your own air cleaner with a box fan, some MERV-13 furnace filters, cardboard, and masking tape!It’s called a Corsi-Rosenthal box and it isContinue…

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Building a Corsi-Rosenthal Air Filter Box for the first time

Corsi-Rosenthal box

It took me about 50 minutes to build this Corsi-Rosenthal air filter box with parts from Home Depot here in Toronto. It’s a 20″ box fan, four 20″x20″x1″ 3M 1900 air filters (1″ deep), some duct tape and cardboard. The cardboard came from the fan’s box and from a grocery delivery, so you can use just about cardboard you’ve got around. The shroud has a 15″ diameter hole, as suggested by David Elfstrom on Twitter;Continue…

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