Anti-Vaxx Doctor Group Founder Infected With Severe Case of Greed & Lust – YouTube

“When employees at leading COVID pseudoscience group America’s Frontline Doctors tried to log in to work last week, they found themselves locked out of their email accounts. The nonprofit quickly fell into factions, with employees holding rival Zoom meetings to plot who would take over the group.The organization’s exiled founder, Dr. Simone Gold, tried unsuccessfully to gain access to a private Zoom call, only to find herself stuck in a waiting room. In internal emails,Continue…

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The African roots of inoculation in America

Truth About Vaccination

Onesimus was an African man who was instrumental in the mitigation of the impact of a smallpox outbreak in Boston, Massachusetts. Don’t listen to the “white” supremacists and their agents. Vaccination is natural African medicine.    

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Half of Virginia high school out sick due to flu-like symptoms

About 1,000 students at a Virginia high school were out sick last week with flu-like symptoms after the school’s homecoming event may have turned into a superspreader, officials and students said.Nearly half of the student body of Stafford High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia, had symptoms and were absent from school on Oct. 21, a spokesperson for the school, about 50 miles south of Washington, D.C., told NBC Washington.The school said in an Oct. 21 FacebookContinue…

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Newly Disabled by Covid? Please Take This Advice From Long Term Disabled Advocates.

If you’re newly disabled from COVID, please heed my warning: take a step back and understand this new reality before advocating. — (@Imani_Barbarin) September 1, 2022   We’re happy for the fresh voices in this struggle, but you have to be aware of just what the struggle is. Once you become disabled, non disabled people having been informed by societal ableism, don’t take you as seriously as they should. Also, if you areContinue…

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Why You will be Forced to Always Wear Masks in Japan – YouTube

Why You will be Forced to Always Wear Masks in Japan

This year is again a very hot summer in Japan! But if you walk on the streets of Japan, you will see something very surprising. Almost everyone has masks on. It is hot here in Israel too, and I find that on really hot days, wearing a mask with an absorbent liner is more comfortable. The air has dust and the mask absorbs sweat and helps against the dust and sand in the air. SometimesContinue…

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