One Ladybug’s Surprise Appearance During A 59-Year-Old Man’s Colonoscopy | IFLScience

When venturing into the human colon, there are a few things gastroenterologists might expect to see. A tumor, scarring, ulcers, and a little bit of poop are all commonplace, but sometimes investigations into the bowel reveal more surprising inhabitants. A clinical team, who published their findings in the ACG Case Reports Journal in 2019, could certainly attest to this, as they stumbled upon a ladybug inside the colon of a patient.

Source: One Ladybug’s Surprise Appearance During A 59-Year-Old Man’s Colonoscopy | IFLScience

White patients’ physical responses to healthcare treatments are influenced by provider race and gender | PNAS

The healthcare workforce in the United States is becoming increasingly diverse, gradually shifting society away from the historical overrepresentation of White men among physicians. However, given the long-standing underrepresentation of people of color and women in the medical field, patients may still associate the concept of doctors with White men and may be physiologically less responsive to treatment administered by providers from other backgrounds. To investigate this, we varied the race and gender of theContinue…

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Hospital-acquired pneumonia is killing patients. There’s a simple way to stop it.

Brushing Teeth Saves Lives

Four years ago, when Karen Giuliano went to a Boston hospital for hip replacement surgery, she was given a pale-pink bucket of toiletries issued to patients in many hospitals. Inside were tissues, bar soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and, without a doubt, the worst toothbrush she’d ever seen.“I couldn’t believe it. I got a toothbrush with no bristles,” she said. “It must have not gone through the bristle machine. It was just a stick.”To most patients, aContinue…

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Pluralistic: 07 Jun 2022 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

Cults and cons have a lot in common, of course. Take “health care sharing ministries.” These are fake health insurance programs run by evangelical cults, like Jericho Share (formerly “House of Prayer and Life Inc”), which is advertised heavily to people searching for health insurance, even though it is definitely not health insurance.Writing for Kaiser Health News, Bram Sable-Smith describes how these “faith-based” fake health insurance programs nominally function as mutual-aid agreements in which allContinue…

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Smokers who switch to vaping may take up healthier routines, new UW study shows | The Seattle Times – With Commentary by K. Sis. Lasher

Woman Vaping

Rick Kosterman, a UW researcher, would never say that vaping is good.But a new University of Washington study shows smokers who switch to e-cigarettes may have more opportunities for healthier choices. That doesn’t mean vaping is healthful, researchers said, but for people who already smoke (and aren’t able to quit) it can be associated with healthy routines. Source: Smokers who switch to vaping may take up healthier routines, new UW study shows | The SeattleContinue…

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Vaping Does Not Increase Covid-19 Risk or Severity

A Mayo Clinic study has concluded that vaping (use of electronic cigarettes) does not increase a person’s risk of contracting Covid-19 or the severity of symptoms if contracted. This is not to say that a person should continue vaping during the weeks after diagnosis or while symptomatic. It just means that vaping won’t make you more likely to catch “the Rona”, and having vaped doesn’t mean your symptoms will be worse. As many doctors andContinue…

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Moringa, an Isothiocyanate-rich Seed Could Prevent or Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes After Covid Vaccination

If you are diabetic and noticing your blood sugar has been spiking more often during these stressful times, or will be getting vaccinated soon, try to find some mature moringa seeds. The mature seeds work better for reducing blood sugar than the younger ones or other parts of the plant in an emergency situation (250+). I take these myself, and know others who do successfully. They work whether you are taking Metformin or Insulin. TakeContinue…

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