Here’s How to Find Your Childhood Vaccination Records | SELF

If you’ve recently texted your mom to ask her about which vaccines you got as a kid, well, you’re definitely not the only one. We’ve all heard our share of vaccine news lately, the most recent being tied to a case of polio in an unvaccinated person in Rockland County, New York. Coupled with the fact that we’re still living through a pandemic and now in the midst of a monkeypox outbreak—you may, reasonably, feelContinue…

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How to Buy Medicines Safely From an Online Pharmacy | FDA

Many unsafe online pharmacies use fake “storefronts” to mimic licensed pharmacies or to make you think their medicines come from countries with high safety standards. But the medicines they sell could have been made anywhere, with little care or concern for safety and effectiveness. Also, these drugs could be fake, expired or otherwise unsafe for you and your family.How can you tell if an online pharmacy is operating legally? Source: How to Buy Medicines SafelyContinue…

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NIH-funded study shows sound sleep supports immune function | NHLBI, NIH

Getting a consistent good night’s sleep supports normal production and programming of hematopoietic stem cells, a building block of the body’s innate immune system, according to a small National Institutes of Health-supported study in humans and mice. Sleep has long been linked to immune function, but researchers discovered that getting enough of it influenced the environment where monocytes – a type of white blood cell – form, develop, and get primed to support immune function.Continue…

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Political ideology linked with COVID health outcomes | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Boston, MA – The higher the exposure to political conservatism, the higher the COVID-19 mortality rates and stress on hospital intensive care unit (ICU) capacity, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Source: Political ideology linked with COVID health outcomes | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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Women wear less make-up since the pandemic – BBC News

The use of cosmetics was already declining before 2020, but a survey of 10,000 British women by market research firm Kantar has revealed big changes to post-lockdown beauty routines.Make-up purchases and frequency of wearing products has dropped steeply in the last two years, by almost a third, it suggests. Source: Women wear less make-up since the pandemic – BBC News

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The Internet Rabbit Hole That May Be a Harbinger of Worldwide Devastation: The Racist Lesbian Emu Saga


Apparently, the next pandemic may be the “emu flu” or “racist lesbian flu”. It’s one of those things that makes you wonder just how far some people will go for likes. Apparently de facto biological warfare against humanity. So a bunch of you are not Terminally Online which is fine. I'm kind of jealous if I'm honest. Lemme catch you up. A lesbian hobby farmer in Florida owns an emu and went viral (hahaha) forContinue…

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Lower empathy partially explains why political conservatism is associated with riskier pandemic lifestyles

New research helps to explain the association between political conservatism and riskier pandemic lifestyles. According to new research published in Discover Social Science and Health, political conservatives tend to be less empathetic, hold more authoritarian beliefs, and feel less threatened by the pandemic, which in turn is associated with reduced adherence to COVID-19 health recommendations. “Although we have seen a lot of evidence showing that political conservatism is associated with lower rates of social distancing,Continue…

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Newly Disabled by Covid? Please Take This Advice From Long Term Disabled Advocates.

If you’re newly disabled from COVID, please heed my warning: take a step back and understand this new reality before advocating. — (@Imani_Barbarin) September 1, 2022   We’re happy for the fresh voices in this struggle, but you have to be aware of just what the struggle is. Once you become disabled, non disabled people having been informed by societal ableism, don’t take you as seriously as they should. Also, if you areContinue…

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One Ladybug’s Surprise Appearance During A 59-Year-Old Man’s Colonoscopy | IFLScience

When venturing into the human colon, there are a few things gastroenterologists might expect to see. A tumor, scarring, ulcers, and a little bit of poop are all commonplace, but sometimes investigations into the bowel reveal more surprising inhabitants. A clinical team, who published their findings in the ACG Case Reports Journal in 2019, could certainly attest to this, as they stumbled upon a ladybug inside the colon of a patient.

Source: One Ladybug’s Surprise Appearance During A 59-Year-Old Man’s Colonoscopy | IFLScience