Can’t Mask? You Can Still Protect Yourself and Others.

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  Many people can’t mask for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the rules and policies in many places don’t take people with special needs into account. Most of the time though, you can solve problems if the gate keepers know that you are considerate. Face shields are well known alternatives, but here are some others. Pins and Signs One way that some people show that they are aware and safety conscious is by wearing pinsContinue…

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Anti Masker Free North Patriots Purposefully Spreading Coronavirus Linked to Company Selling Paranoia for Profit

Organizer of ‘Canada-wide’ anti-lockdown protests linked to private security agency that sells special bracelets to block 5G signals

Source: PressProgress

Coronavirus: Buying PPE online for care sector ‘like the Wild West’ – BBC News

From personal care to meal preparation, every day many thousands of vulnerable people depend on receiving care in their own homes.Often it is provided by domiciliary carers from private companies who make several visits a day, but with personal protective equipment (PPE) stocks stretched, some agencies have been turning to online suppliers.One care company says it paid £60,000 up front for PPE, but “the stock never came”.Meanwhile, a health trust said it had seen prices rise in what it calls “blatant profiteering”.

Source: Coronavirus: Buying PPE online for care sector ‘like the Wild West’ – BBC News

Video: How to make a mask with a clear window that allows you to see a smile!

Instructions for how to make a lip reading mask in video and text. There is a downloadable pattern and further instructions in the description.

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Pandemic Preparedness

Cat Guarding Cans

Pandemics are a part of life since the dawn of civilization. It’s just part of the reality of humans living in close quarters. Whenever the first announcements of a pandemic hit the news, people panic and rush to the grocery stores. This ends up causing unnecessary chaos and shortages. There was no panic in my house though, because having already experienced what in hindsight was the last SARS and a war, plus Grandma’s warnings inContinue…

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The Basics: How to Survive Pandemics (Or Increase Your Chances Anyway)


  Here are the raw basic rules for surviving a pandemic. I will expand on these more in future articles. If possible, be prepared before it starts. Pandemics will happen every few years. Even if the government or medical establishment decides to cover it up, you know there is one when more than maybe three or four people you know are ill with the same thing. If there isn’t a big one, this is aContinue…

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Lip Reading Mask by FaceMasksRUs on Etsy

  Welcome to! This site is here to feature links and information on personal protective equipment for people with special needs and styles. Viruses are not political, but politics can certainly lead to problems. We all know about the struggle between maskers and anti maskers. Well, the whole reason that debate exists at all is because, as my parents taught me, half the truth is as bad as a lie, and the people haveContinue…

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