Why RSV, cold, and flu season is off to an early, brutal start – Vox

It’s not just you or your kids: Cold and flu season is off to a particularly nasty start across the United States.With the country stepping down from the pandemic footing of the past few years, the various viruses that cause coughs, runny noses, and sore throats are now on the rebound. Cases of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common respiratory bug that can occasionally turn serious for infants and older adults, had beenContinue…

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We Studied One Million Students. This Is What We Learned About Masking.

RETURNING TO SCHOOL THIS FALL, CHILDREN SHOULD BE VACCINATED IF ELIGIBLE, WEAR MASKS OR PREPARE TO RISK GETTING COVID. Big questions loom over the upcoming back-to-school season: Should children be required to wear masks? Should children go to in-person classes at all? If we send children to school without masks, we increase their risk of acquiring Covid-19. Some could suffer illness or die. If we close schools, millions of children will suffer learning loss, and many of them may suffer lifelong

Source: We Studied One Million Students. This Is What We Learned About Masking.

Adviser suggests Biden still wears mask outside out of habit

He’s not alone. Although there is the science and statistics to prove the effectiveness of masking, the thing that has convinced most people is the fact of not being sick as often. Aside of preventing the spread of Covid 19, masking has also kept many from getting seasonal colds and flu, suffering as much from allergies, or just breathing in as much pollution. Even some runners and bike riders, infamous for not masking, have startedContinue…

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